Called to Serve the 2nd legislative district

As a long-time resident of the 2nd legislative district, I decided to enter the race for state Senate because our community needs a fighter. The time is now for one of the governed to take a stand. I'm not a career politician. I'm a dad, husband, veteran and concerned citizen ready to serve again. 

Of the Governed

It feels like our state government isn't listening. They're passing laws that restrict our rights, raise our taxes to unsustainable levels and pushing policies in our schools that interfere with a parent's right to educate how they see fit. 

Some in Olympia have forgotten that their power is derived from consent of the governed. That phrase from our Declaration of Independence is the motto that I will live by as your state Senator.  It is something I fought for while serving this country in the Marine Corps, and will fight to restore in Olympia.

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